Becoming the Domesticated Diva

Finding my inner homemaker… one flub at a time!

I’m a cleanin’ machine!

on March 5, 2012

After last week’s poll, I noticed that many of you would like more ideas on how to get some quick cleaning done; and, as promised.. I’m your guinea pig!  I did a search online, one through Pinterest, and dug through some old Real Simple magazines and came up with some great ideas to share with you.  So, here goes – my first test of quick cleaning!

While going through Pinterest, I came across this lovely little site called My 3 Monsters (  On a post entitled “Housekeeping”, I found this super cute chore chart.  I looked over the chart and other ones I’d seen here and there and decided on what my chores were going to be.  Then, I divided them and typed them up, printed, cut them out and pasted into this chart so I would have my own little chore chart.  🙂

Then, of course I printed it out and waited.  Cause.. I got lazy.  Yeah, it happens.  But I decided that starting today, I would get on it.  I mean, its Monday right?  It’s always good to start on a Monday.  And I decided that I would also try something else I read – using a timer.  So I set my timer for 30 minutes and got to work.  I mean, cleaning my whole house in less than an hour a day?  I can totally get behind that.

Today’s chores were the laundry room and living room.  Sweep, mop, dust the blinds, walls, baseboards, and fan, cleaning the litter box, and putting away laundry.  I could do this in 30 minutes, right?  Well.. almost.  Told you I’d be your guinea pig for the ideas, so here’s what I learned.

  1. Plan ahead.  Luckily I have a steamer/vac amazing thingy, so that saved me some time.. except I forgot to fill the water and I had to get it out of the closet – lost about 5 minutes doing those things.  And another few minutes getting the cleaning supplies to dust, etc.
  2. Don’t get distracted.  I also lost another few minutes because I got wrapped up in the TV show I was watching.  Next time, I’ll turn the TV off or put it on a music station.
  3. Be prepared to NOT finish.  Some things you may not finish, and that’s okay.  Just remember what you didn’t get to and do that first next time.  Preparing for your 30 minutes ahead of time will help you accomplish more, and once you get into the routine, you’ll be able to be more efficient anyway.  So, don’t stress it.  Just do it.

Okay, readers – its your turn!  Are you going to try out the chore chart (just right click on it, save and print!) and 30 minute timer?  Or are you going to wait to read some other tips?  Let me know your thoughts!  🙂


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