Becoming the Domesticated Diva

Finding my inner homemaker… one flub at a time!


Hello lovely readers!

Its been so so long since I’ve blogged and I’ve missed it!  I’ve also have been thinking about the direction of my blog.  There are so many food blogs, how to blogs, and review blogs that I wanted to give you something a bit fresher.  I wanted us to go on new domesticated diva adventure together.  So, from now on, when I give you a recipe I tried.. I’m going to tell you how I cheated and changed ingredients and how bad it tasted.  And when I tell you about something I DIY’d … I’ll tell you how bad I screwed it up the first time, and how I totally nailed it the second.  And of course, when I tell you about how I tried a new way to clean the toilet, I’ll tell you about how I knew about this new method for months but kept delaying cleaning the toilet.  🙂

I’m also hoping to hear some ideas from you, my wonderful readers.  What would you like to learn about?  New recipes?  Something else super cool that you saw on and want me to try?  I’ll be happy to be your guinea pig!  I’ve finally come to the realization that I might be a mom soon, and I’m definitely a wife, and my domestication is starting whether I am ready or not.  🙂  So here goes, readers – the NEW Domesticated Diva.

What would you like to read about first – some amazing new recipes I’ve tried, simple cleaning tips, or my recent DIY adventures? 

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