Becoming the Domesticated Diva

Finding my inner homemaker… one flub at a time!

getting into the holiday spirit..

So today I’ve been taking down some of the more “Halloween” type decorations and I’m debating on leaving up the “fall” decorations.  I mean, we’ve not even had Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas seems to be everywhere.  I helped put up the Christmas trees in my store.. I’ve already heard a couple Christmas carols.. and I walked into Target a couple of days ago and was assaulted by the holiday spirit!  What is happening?  Its only the first weekend of November!

Does something change as we get older that time just seems to move faster?  Or has everything else just decided over the years that Christmas should start sooner and sooner to suck every possible dime out of us??  🙂

Lately I’ve been in a “spring” cleaning spirit (I think it comes with the changing of the weather..) and have been trying to knock out some of my *list* of things to get done on our house.  I know, I know.. we have 30 years to make changes.. but I want to get some of these done now.  It feels like it will really be *ours* once we put a little sweat and possibly blood into it, you know?  So part of that has been rearranging, throwing out, and buying new decorations.  Maybe I’m one of those weird people who decorate for every holiday, but I just feel like it makes me smile every time I see those silly window clings on our sliding glass doors.  But I’ve noticed that, despite having a collection of decorations, I just don’t have what I want.  Maybe it’s because my ideas on what looks good have changed, but mostly I think it’s because my living situation has changed over the years.  You know, house to apartment to *our* home.  Furniture is different, wall sizes are different, everything.  But I guess that’s part of becoming domesticated.  You get to start fresh.. with what you both love, and what works for both of you.  So, here’s to looking forward to Christmas and Christmas decorating!  🙂

…. if I can get through Thanksgiving first!

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