Becoming the Domesticated Diva

Finding my inner homemaker… one flub at a time!

Is it time?

For the past couple weeks I’ve had baby fever.  Not a constant, but a nagging in the back of mind sometimes.  I never thought I’d be 30 years old before I had a baby.. but I guess I’m glad I waited.  I’ve been able to do lots of things I shouldn’t/couldn’t do when you have a baby, and I’ve been able to grow up myself a little.  And yes, this nagging is usually triggered by seeing a baby, or a pregnant woman, or sometimes even baby stuff.  But sometimes its nothing at all.   Add to the fact that my husband is ready for baby, and… I guess its time.

Part of me feels like there is still so much stuff I’d rather do before I have a baby, or that I need to do before I have a baby.. but I keep hearing, “just do it!  you’ll never be fully prepared!”.  And I know I’ve done quite a bit, but aren’t there certain things you SHOULD do before having a baby?  Like, getting the room ready?  Saving money?  Buying diapers?  Go to Europe??  And there are so many things I’m worried about.. how soon will I go back to work after?  What if I’m not ready to go back?  Who will watch my child after I HAVE to go back?  Will my child be healthy?  Is the paint I want to use in the room safe?  Will I be a good mom?  Will I know how to raise my child like my parents raised me.. to be respectful and polite?  Not crazy and rude and irresponsible like so many kids I see now a days (wow, that just made me sound old!)  🙂

I figured I’d just take it a day at a time.. read books, do research, and the answers will come, right?  I hope…

So I started my adventure in preparing for baby last week.  Went for a physical (been a while since I had one of those), blood work, pee test, the works.  Everything looks good so far.  My husband and I finally agreed on names and I went to Home Depot to pick out paint color for the baby’s room.  (yes, I went with something neutral, just in case)  I also picked out paint for the guest bathroom and looked at a few other paint samples; because, call me crazy, but one of the things I want to do before baby is get my house in order.  I mean, my garage is still full of boxes to unpack and stuff to get rid of.  When do people have time to do these things?  And how am I going to have time for a baby if I can’t even finish unpacking?  Wouldn’t this be easier if I were a work from home mom and could clean/cook around other things?  How do moms get motivated to finish?  Which leads me to think that I should probably start taking some sort of vitamin to up my energy, and probably pick a project to do every day I’m off.  Or go in to work late.  Or come home from work early.  No more tv, time to clean and organize!  I can do that.  I think.

I’ll start tomorrow.  Get up, organize my coupons, grocery shop, finish the laundry, and…. something.  I’ll figure out something.  There’s still so much to do before I’m ready.. or maybe I’m just delaying it because I know I’m not.  But I am!  I can be a good mom.  I’m organized.  And I’m determined.  And I can totally do this.

I’ll keep ya posted..