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Extreme Couponing?? Sign me up!

Hello dear readers!

For the last few weeks I’ve been looking into the ins and outs of extreme couponing… and let me tell you, its extreme.  🙂

For those of you who haven’t seen the show Extreme Couponing on TLC (, you should definitely check it out – if only to get a few laughs.  For one, who NEEDS that much stuff??  And for two, who has that much time, not only to find and cut all those coupons and research them – but to go from store to store to store as well?  And has the space to store it all?

So I decided to start doing my own sort of “extreme couponing”.  I don’t see the point in purchasing a million items that my husband and I won’t use, nor do I have the space to put all that extra stuff.  I started simple.. cutting coupons, from my Sunday paper as well as ones I printed from the internet.  Then I got a lucky a few times – sometimes my coupons were also BOGO items (Buy One, Get One), so even more savings.  And then I started paying a bit more attention to the weekly flyer and shopping around what was on sale.  And little by little, I was saving more and more.   But recently, I stumbled upon a few websites to help me along my journey.  I always wondered how these Extreme Couponing people were able to get these deals.  How did they score sales on produce?  And meat?  Those things never went on sale!  Then I learned the secret… it wasn’t that these things necessarily had ‘coupons’ – it’s just that there were so many other coupons for everything else, that you could actually EARN money for buying certain items.

Well, now I’m *really* intrigued!  The first site I checked out was, which has been featured all over the place.  But I found it was a bit hard to understand, and it was also more of a national site than what I really wanted.  Plus, I already knew about, and other sites where you could print coupons, so it didn’t help me much.  Then I heard about  Now THIS site was perfect.  One, I’m a Publix shopper.  I know, everyone has a preference and some people don’t mind shopping all over the place to get the best deal.  But I love my Publix and I know there is *always* a deal there, even without coupons.  Plus, its easy for me to navigate because its been my store of choice for so long now.  The great thing about Southern Savers is that its specific to stores found in the South, and its very easy to navigate.  The first thing you should find is your favorite store and check on your store policies.  For example, I found with Publix they’ll accept one manufacture’s coupon and one store coupon – but no doubling.  However, you can use them on BOGOs (so, if you are getting a BOGO on toothpaste, you can use a manufacture’s coupon as well as a store coupon for both toothpastes.  Therefore, you can actually get paid to buy toothpaste!)  That being said, all stores are a little different and it’s always good to establish a relationship with your check out clerks and to have lots of patience!  Remember, you can go as extreme as you like with your couponing – for some people, that’s a few hours on a spare night during the week, cutting out every coupon they can find or print, and organizing by what’s on sale that week (like me!) or you can spend 40 hours a week searching coupons, printing coupons, and researching stores policies – not to mention the actual shopping!  Either way, you’re bound to save some money.. and that’s always a good thing!  🙂

Here’s my advice to get you started:

  1. Cut out every coupon you can find; whether you get it out of the paper, the weekly flyer or printable websites (you can find a huge list of these on or
  2. Pull out (or go online) to find your favorite stores ad for the week.  (Or, go to, select your store, and it has the ad broken down by item and which coupons are good for that item)
  3. Print or write out your list and mark the items that you have coupons for.
  4. Organize your coupons by store aisle.  (This takes a little time to figure out what items are on which aisle, but if you usually go to the same store over and over, its worth the extra time you’ll save while you’re in the store).
  5. Head to the register with patience and a smile.  And get ready to be excited about your savings!

Good luck readers!  Tell me about your success stories or any other tips I may have missed!  I’m still learning this, but I think I’m off to a good start.  🙂


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its been toooo long!

Well hello my lovely readers!  (Are you still there??)

I know its been a million years since I’ve posted, but my plate has been a bit overflowing.  Between a move, a promotion, finishing up directing a musical.. I’ve been a little tired and busy!  But now that my plate is starting to clear, I am excited to jump back in to blogging – something I have truly missed.

My husband and I recently bought a house and as much as I felt like a “housewife” of sorts before (cleaning, cooking, decorating, etc) in the apartment we lived in, this is wayyy more work!  So, I’ve been getting back to my original intention of this blog.. looking into ways to make “domesticated life” a little easier for me, you, .. heck, the world!  I figure with as many magazines as I get, they’re bound to have a few ideas.  That and the fact that I’m a research junkie, I figure I’ll be learning something new all the time!  And, dear readers, I’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to learn.  I’ve had a few requests already – extreme couponing (is it worth it?), quick dinners (that are actually healthy), and getting the most bang for your vacation buck – so I’ll get to work on those first!

I am looking forward to this journey.  At 30 years old, there are times I feel like I still have so much to learn about myself, my wants/desires/skills.  I know that many of us question these things about ourself, and I hope that reading about my journey will inspire you to go on yours, if you aren’t already.  Good luck, and happy reading!  🙂

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