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“Shameless” Money Saving Tips!

In the September 2009 edition of Cosmopolitan, they featured some great ways to save some money.. including a great “Reality Check” that really put my bottled water addiction into check.  So, I thought I’d share the *wealth*!

  1. Cheap Fun With Him/Her – date night in with your significant other can be lots of fun – and on the cheap!  Purchasing a bottle of wine can still be a bit expensive, so try a new method – wine in the box!  Yep, even the high end brands are looking into this form of packaging because it saves them money – and you.  And, as an added bonus – a box preserves wine for four weeks, while a bottle only preserves it for a few days.
  2. Great Hair for *No* Cash – check out a local upscale salon for “teaching nights” for new employees.  They usually need hair models that are willing to allow them to cut/color/style in whatever way they decide – but on the plus side, its a free new hairstyle and there is always professional supervision.
  3. Check out!  This website allows you to comparison shop without having to go from one store to another.  And you can do price checks as well as get customer reviews!  🙂
  4. And for our *Reality Check* – at a cost of $468/year, you can drink a 24 pack of bottled water per week OR 8 pairs of awesome jeans from DKNY

I’m a big fan of the money saving tips – why don’t you share your favorites readers?  🙂

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