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oh no!

on May 23, 2010

Shrunken clothes?!  😦

Well NEVER again dear readers!  That’s right.. here is a little trick I recently learned in February’s Real Simple.

First, grab some baby shampoo or regular hair conditioner and mix a tablespoon into a quart of water.  Throw your garment into the water, making sure the entire garment gets wet.  While its soaking, take  a similar sized garment and trace an outline of it onto parchment paper (or several pieces taped together).  Allow to soak about 15 minutes.  Then, take the garment and place it onto the parchment, *gently* stretching until it is filling your outline.  If for some reason it won’t stretch, use the steam setting on your iron to help ease the fabric a bit more.  Allow the garment to dry.. securing it in the outline with heavy objects (like coffee mugs or paperweights) and ta-da!   Your garment will be good as new!  🙂

In the future, remember some fabrics tend to shrink more than others – cotton, cashmere, and wool – so be sure and read the labels to find out if the fabric is washable.  Also, only use cold water and hang clothes or lay on a flat surface to dry.. this usually helps the garment to stay in shape.

Good luck with your laundry readers – and be sure and share any other tips you might learn!  🙂


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