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for some REAL savings..

on April 19, 2010

Try the grocery store!  🙂  Of course depending on where you purchase your groceries will determine who much you save – but at the same time, in a general comparison between grocery stores, some items will be cheaper than others at one store, where something else may be cheaper at the other.  So, my suggestion is to find the grocery store you like to shop at and stick to it.  There are a number of ways you can save money at the grocery store, just by clipping a few coupons or checking ads.

For example, many websites have coupons you can print out right online – on just one of those, I printed out coupons for things I use all the time – that will save me $13.50!  Check out these websites for great printable coupons – and check them out often!  The coupons change approximately every week or so.                          

Publix’s website also has a coupon section where you can print out coupons, as well as their weekly ad posted to help you create your shopping list before you go.  (

Winn-Dixie’s website also allows you to print out coupons (though not as many as Publix), view their weekly ad, and register to become a member of their Reward Card program where you can save additional savings in store.  (

Albertson’s website allows you to print a few coupons and view their weekly ad (, and Sweetbay’s website allows you to view their weekly ad (

Wal-Mart doesn’t have a weekly sales ad or online coupons, but are notorious for having sales all the time.

Check out tomorrow for even more saving ideas!  🙂


One response to “for some REAL savings..

  1. Carolyn says:

    Dollar Tree and Dollar General are also great places to save on cleaning products and paper products. They both carry some food items that are usually a great savings. Remember everything at Dollar Tree cost a $1 or less.

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