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Need some new toys?

on April 14, 2010

Well – by toys I mean electronics!  (Isn’t that what men usually call them??  🙂 )

Yes readers, there is a great time and a bad time to buy electronics – and ways you can do it to save yourself some money along the way!  Who knew?!  Certainly not this girl!  (Well, I did marry a electronics geek.. so I’ve picked up a thing or two since then..)

So, check it out – the best times to buy all sorts of fun new toys – for yourself, or your significant other!  😀

January:  the best time to buy TV’s!  Of course you’ve got the Superbowl in January – and electronic stores know that we all like to throw parties! – so they tempt us (especially with those fancy HDTV ones) – with these fabulous toys!  Also good to purchase in January?  Computers!

February:  DVD players, digital cameras and MP3 players!

March:  BOATS!  That’s right.. its coming up on spring time..  and who wouldn’t want to catch a few rays on a new boat?

April:  Vacuums!  I mean, how else do you “spring clean”??  🙂

May:  major appliances – especially after Memorial Day weekend!

June:  hardware and tools – I know, not exactly an “electronic” device always – but still pretty cool.  AND – a great gift for Father’s Day!

July:  more appliances savings – July 4th weekend! – as well as air conditioners (I mean, isn’t it the perfect time for them??)

August:  lawn equipment!  (again, not necessarily an “electronic” device – but still handy!)

September:  CARS!  I mean, isn’t that sorta the definition of a toy?  😉

October:  Grills… mmmm!  I can smell the yummy goodness already!

November and December:  general electronics, due to upcoming Christmas season.

Be sure to keep me updated on your shopping trips – I’d love to hear any other tricks of the trade you might have!  🙂


One response to “Need some new toys?

  1. Carolyn says:

    This is very interesting about what month to purchase certain items, but I think the best time to purchase is when you have the cash to pay for it or else you lose you savings into the interest you have to pay on your credit card

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