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Money saving ideas! :)

on April 12, 2010

That’s right readers!  You voted – I’m researching!  With our economy being what it is, I think everyone could stand to save a few dollars here and there.  Every day we’ll take a look at ways to save money from different angles, and hopefully we’ll all learn a few ways to save some bucks!  🙂

Today’s money saving ideas will be all about purchasing clothing at discount prices!  I’m sure everyone knows the joy of stores like ROSS or Marshall’s for clothes – but even at stores like that, you can hit sales.  For example, if you shop on Thursday evenings – you’ll get to see not only the new stuff being put out for the weekends, but also first dibs at any sales that will occur that weekend.  Also, end of season is always the best time to hit sales.

By month – the best thing to by:

January:  work out and sports gear, winter clothes, athletic shoes

February:  winter clothes, fragrances

March:  windbreakers and raincoats

April:  spring clothes

May:  swimsuits, sandals, designer clothes

June: pre season summer clothes, Victoria’s Secret!

July:  even more discounts on summer clothing

August:  biggest savings on summer clothes, preseason fall clothes

September:  NOT a good time to buy for anything specific because of all the “back to school” stuff, but it can never hurt to look!  🙂

October: jeans, winter hats, scarfs

November:  fall clothes, pre-season winter clothes, wedding dresses!

December:  ties, sweaters, winter clothes, designer clothes, fall ready-to-wear items

And don’t forget to check the Sunday newspaper for sales in your area as well!

Leave me some comments with your best savings ideas for clothes!

Good luck and happy shopping!  😀


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