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quick and easy?

on April 7, 2010

Hairstyles that is!  🙂

Thats right dear readers, you voted – and I’m writing!  This week’s topic of conversation will be all about easy to do hairstyles!  Today I’m going to do a general hairstyle based off “average” hair thickness and length.  Per your requests, via comments, we’ll work towards adding more for thinner hair or shorter hair.  🙂

The first hairstyle is by far the easiest – a PONYTAIL!  The best way to spruce up a regular ponytail so that its a bit more ‘elegant’ than going to a baseball game, is to do a deep part on one side.  Using a comb, go about an inch in either direction from the middle of your forehead and create a part almost to the top of your head.  Smooth out the back of your hair and create a low pony tail.  Waaa-la!  Sophistication in about 2 minutes!  🙂   Or – even faster – make a regular ponytail (high or low) and add a pretty barrette or fancy hair elastic, and you’ll look pulled together in under a minute!  Check out the sample pics below!

Try one of these today and leave some comments to let me know how they work out!  🙂


One response to “quick and easy?

  1. Amanda Smith says:

    Those are my favorite! Quick and easy… Love it!

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