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more grocery savings!

That’s right readers – there are even more ways to save on your grocery shopping adventures!  Check out the tips below that I’ve learned, read, or have been passed on by the master grocery shopper – my dad.  🙂

  • If you have room to stock up – do!  I recently purchased 5 boxes of Betty Crocker’s boxed potatoes (Au Gratin, Scalloped, etc) for $5 (on sale for $1 a box)  and saved over $10!
  • Same with bogos – you may not NEED two boxes of crackers, but considering they don’t expire for 6 months or so, why not get one free?
  • Check the dates on meat packages.  Sometimes the price may be different depending on the date it was packaged.
  • Check the sales at the endcaps of aisles, they’re not always the same price in the middle of the aisle – or it may be specialty products.
  • Get to know your meat/deli/bakery person – they’ll give you a heads up on any specials coming up!
  • Make sure you’re getting the most for your money.  Sometimes the larger sizes are a better bargain – sometimes not.  Check the price labels – it will tell you a break down of how much you’re spending per ounce.
  • Stick to groceries only.  When you start to branch out, you usually spend more than you would if you purchased the same products at the Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart.

Stick to these tips and you’ll definitely start saving money!  Good luck shoppers!  😀

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for some REAL savings..

Try the grocery store!  🙂  Of course depending on where you purchase your groceries will determine who much you save – but at the same time, in a general comparison between grocery stores, some items will be cheaper than others at one store, where something else may be cheaper at the other.  So, my suggestion is to find the grocery store you like to shop at and stick to it.  There are a number of ways you can save money at the grocery store, just by clipping a few coupons or checking ads.

For example, many websites have coupons you can print out right online – on just one of those, I printed out coupons for things I use all the time – that will save me $13.50!  Check out these websites for great printable coupons – and check them out often!  The coupons change approximately every week or so.                          

Publix’s website also has a coupon section where you can print out coupons, as well as their weekly ad posted to help you create your shopping list before you go.  (

Winn-Dixie’s website also allows you to print out coupons (though not as many as Publix), view their weekly ad, and register to become a member of their Reward Card program where you can save additional savings in store.  (

Albertson’s website allows you to print a few coupons and view their weekly ad (, and Sweetbay’s website allows you to view their weekly ad (

Wal-Mart doesn’t have a weekly sales ad or online coupons, but are notorious for having sales all the time.

Check out tomorrow for even more saving ideas!  🙂

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Need some new toys?

Well – by toys I mean electronics!  (Isn’t that what men usually call them??  🙂 )

Yes readers, there is a great time and a bad time to buy electronics – and ways you can do it to save yourself some money along the way!  Who knew?!  Certainly not this girl!  (Well, I did marry a electronics geek.. so I’ve picked up a thing or two since then..)

So, check it out – the best times to buy all sorts of fun new toys – for yourself, or your significant other!  😀

January:  the best time to buy TV’s!  Of course you’ve got the Superbowl in January – and electronic stores know that we all like to throw parties! – so they tempt us (especially with those fancy HDTV ones) – with these fabulous toys!  Also good to purchase in January?  Computers!

February:  DVD players, digital cameras and MP3 players!

March:  BOATS!  That’s right.. its coming up on spring time..  and who wouldn’t want to catch a few rays on a new boat?

April:  Vacuums!  I mean, how else do you “spring clean”??  🙂

May:  major appliances – especially after Memorial Day weekend!

June:  hardware and tools – I know, not exactly an “electronic” device always – but still pretty cool.  AND – a great gift for Father’s Day!

July:  more appliances savings – July 4th weekend! – as well as air conditioners (I mean, isn’t it the perfect time for them??)

August:  lawn equipment!  (again, not necessarily an “electronic” device – but still handy!)

September:  CARS!  I mean, isn’t that sorta the definition of a toy?  😉

October:  Grills… mmmm!  I can smell the yummy goodness already!

November and December:  general electronics, due to upcoming Christmas season.

Be sure to keep me updated on your shopping trips – I’d love to hear any other tricks of the trade you might have!  🙂

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Money saving ideas! :)

That’s right readers!  You voted – I’m researching!  With our economy being what it is, I think everyone could stand to save a few dollars here and there.  Every day we’ll take a look at ways to save money from different angles, and hopefully we’ll all learn a few ways to save some bucks!  🙂

Today’s money saving ideas will be all about purchasing clothing at discount prices!  I’m sure everyone knows the joy of stores like ROSS or Marshall’s for clothes – but even at stores like that, you can hit sales.  For example, if you shop on Thursday evenings – you’ll get to see not only the new stuff being put out for the weekends, but also first dibs at any sales that will occur that weekend.  Also, end of season is always the best time to hit sales.

By month – the best thing to by:

January:  work out and sports gear, winter clothes, athletic shoes

February:  winter clothes, fragrances

March:  windbreakers and raincoats

April:  spring clothes

May:  swimsuits, sandals, designer clothes

June: pre season summer clothes, Victoria’s Secret!

July:  even more discounts on summer clothing

August:  biggest savings on summer clothes, preseason fall clothes

September:  NOT a good time to buy for anything specific because of all the “back to school” stuff, but it can never hurt to look!  🙂

October: jeans, winter hats, scarfs

November:  fall clothes, pre-season winter clothes, wedding dresses!

December:  ties, sweaters, winter clothes, designer clothes, fall ready-to-wear items

And don’t forget to check the Sunday newspaper for sales in your area as well!

Leave me some comments with your best savings ideas for clothes!

Good luck and happy shopping!  😀

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more “easy” hair!

Today we’re going to look at another great “easy” hair trick – headbands!  No matter what length, thickness or style – you can always try out a headband for some instant sassy-ness!  🙂 The great thing about a headband is that you can add it to a regular pony tail, layer them or even get one with some pizazz to polish off your hair – and its QUICK and EASY!

Check out these pics for ideas!  Click on each picture for a better preview  🙂

And – check out these websites for some fun headbands!

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quick and easy?

Hairstyles that is!  🙂

Thats right dear readers, you voted – and I’m writing!  This week’s topic of conversation will be all about easy to do hairstyles!  Today I’m going to do a general hairstyle based off “average” hair thickness and length.  Per your requests, via comments, we’ll work towards adding more for thinner hair or shorter hair.  🙂

The first hairstyle is by far the easiest – a PONYTAIL!  The best way to spruce up a regular ponytail so that its a bit more ‘elegant’ than going to a baseball game, is to do a deep part on one side.  Using a comb, go about an inch in either direction from the middle of your forehead and create a part almost to the top of your head.  Smooth out the back of your hair and create a low pony tail.  Waaa-la!  Sophistication in about 2 minutes!  🙂   Or – even faster – make a regular ponytail (high or low) and add a pretty barrette or fancy hair elastic, and you’ll look pulled together in under a minute!  Check out the sample pics below!

Try one of these today and leave some comments to let me know how they work out!  🙂

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let’s tone those arms!

Today we’re talking about toning up those arms!  I mean, no one likes to see their upper arms flap more than their hands when they wave – do they??  🙂

So let’s try these!  You know all those cans of food you have to put away after hitting up the grocery store?  Well, grab two of them and do some bicep curls!  Stand with your legs shoulder length apart, holding a can in each hand, wrists facing up.  Then, while keeping your elbows close to your sides, curl your arms up towards your shoulders.  Repeat about 15 times on both arms – doing 2 or 3 reps.  Next, keep your arms upright (like the stopping point for your bicep curl), twist your arm so that your wrist is now facing outward away from you and drop your arms back down to your sides.  Repeat as you did the bicep curls.  This will work both sides of your upper arms to help firm and tone.  🙂

Next, try holding a gallon of milk and a gallon of tea (or some other beverage) in each hand.  Lift each gallon jug about waist-high and then lower – you should feel it in your back.  If you don’t buy anything buy the gallon, maybe grab your laundry detergent and bleach – just make sure they’re approximately the same weight.  This will strengthen arms and help tone back muscles as well!  🙂

Try these few exercises and let me know how it goes!  I’ll have more ideas for you Saturday before another survey!  🙂

Happy Good Friday everyone!  🙂

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