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you want fitness?

on March 29, 2010

Well here ya go!  You voted and I’m answering – this week’s topic is quick and easy fitness!

I thought we’d start from the bottom and work our way up.

Our first point of focus will be ankles.  Ankles you say?  Yep, ankles!  Ankles get weak if not regularly worked, and weak ankles can lead to dangerous falls older in life.  The good thing is working out your ankles is a fairly easy thing to do.  I like to try to do it while I’m brushing my teeth or standing in the closet trying to decide what to wear for work.  (Cause we all know that usually takes a good few minutes of our morning, doesn’t it ladies?? 🙂 )  Basically all you have to do is rotate your ankle in a circle.  Start clockwise and rotate about 5-6 times and then move on to counterclockwise.  Once you’ve done a few rotations in both directions, move on to the next foot.  Thats about all it takes.  You basically want to make sure that you’re working those muscles in your ankle that don’t normally get much attention.

Now lets talk about those calf muscles!  We all know that calf muscles always look a million times better in a pair of heels – but we’re usually DYING by the end of a long workday wearing them.  So I say we work those muscles and stick with flip flops a few days a week (and still have killer calf muscles!)  This is a great exercise to do while folding laundry or making dinner – quick and easy.  Start by raising up on the balls of your feet, heels a few inches off the floor.  Then lower your heels back to the floor, not quite touching, hold and raise back up.  If you can work in 2-3 sets of 10 of these a day, you’ll have some great looking calf muscles in no time!  🙂

Here’s an easy demonstration video!

Tomorrow – we’re moving on up!  More tips to come!  🙂


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