Becoming the Domesticated Diva

Finding my inner homemaker… one flub at a time!

It’s a blue day..

on March 23, 2010

Outside and on my eyes!  🙂

Today I did my 5 minute makeup with blue eyeshadow!  I know, most people wouldn’t wear such a thing – but, I think that’s the point.  No, it’s not for everyone, but I do think its something everyone should try now and then.  It brings back your inner 80’s teenager.  🙂

I set my timer, started off with my now trusty DW Powder foundation and added some soft blue eyeshadow and a deep blue eyeliner, topping it off with violet mascara.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the bronzer or lips today, so I went without.  (I did however, add some chapstick when I got in the car – can’t leave bare lips all day!).  Even just doing my eyes made a huge difference.  I think that’s what most women need to realize – if you can spare the 5 minutes in the morning to do either your eyes or lips, not only does it make you feel better and more confident, but it actually makes you feel a little more “adult” too.  🙂

So ladies – here’s your goal for the week.  Pull out your trusty timer, pick your favorite part (eyes or lips), and do it up.  And believe me – you’ll feel more adult in an instant (and your inner little girl will be super excited too!)


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