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who wants a flatter tummy??

I do, I do!  That’s right readers – today’s quick and easy exercises will work your abs!

These exercises are perfect to do while brushing your teeth, in between commercials or waiting on dinner to cook!  Generally, I’d say 2-3 reps of 10 (or 15) will be a great way to start.  Now, you won’t be getting extreme results from any of the exercises we’ve discussed right away, but they will help you work off the calories of that piece of chocolate cake you just ate.  🙂  (You thought I didn’t notice, didn’t you? 😉 )  But keep on keeping on and you will notice a difference in the way your favorite jeans fit!

The first one to try is torso twists.  The best thing about these is that while you think you’re just sorta dancin’ – you’re actually working your internal and external obliques; a def plus!  First, suck in your tummy (you know, how you would  if a very attractive person walked by…), then twist left to right.  Make sure to keep your feet planted and only move your middle section.  This will help whittle your waist in no time!

Next, try standing side bends.  Much like the torso twists, you wanna suck in your tummy – but this time, bend left and right.  Only bend as far as you can without moving your legs.  You should feel the stretch on down your sides – armpit to waist.  I find that if I bend backwards that also helps to stretch the muscles on top of stomach as well.  This exercises primarily works your obliques, but also helps strengthen your lower back as well.

And finally, the best exercise for a flatter stomach?  LAUGHING!  Talk about working those ab muscles!  🙂

So take a look at this funny I found – and work your way to a thinner you!  🙂

Leave me some love (comments) and let me know how your exercising adventures are coming along!  🙂


hey.. nice legs ;)

Yep – that’s what you’ll be hearing after this week’s quick and easy exercises!  🙂

Yesterday we worked ankles and calf muscles – today we’re moving up to thighs and butt.  One of THE best exercises for both of these are squats.  And the best time to do squats??  When you’re blow drying your hair!  To do a great squat, you want to make sure your thighs are almost parallel to the floor, making sure your knees don’t pass in front of your feet.  To get even more of a bonus, try doing the squat and then raising your heels so that you are standing on the balls of your feet. Hold for a few seconds before returning to your original position.   Try alternating a regular squat with one of these – 2 or 3 reps of 10.  Most mornings you can do those reps before your hair is even dry!  🙂

Another great exercise for those thighs and butt – lunges!  Everyone once in a while, walk around your house – putting away laundry, straightening the living room, making the bed – and alternate your legs into a lunge position.  (See picture below)  By walking around doing these alternating lunges, you’re really working your legs, while doing things you normally would have done anyway – quick AND easy!  🙂    Just be sure you don’t let your “down” leg hit the floor!

Try those and let me know how they work!  Remember, if you can spare 10 minutes of your day doing squats, lunges, ankle rolls – whatever – while doing something you were already doing anyway, how can you NOT stay in decent shape??   🙂

Happy exercising ladies!

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you want fitness?

Well here ya go!  You voted and I’m answering – this week’s topic is quick and easy fitness!

I thought we’d start from the bottom and work our way up.

Our first point of focus will be ankles.  Ankles you say?  Yep, ankles!  Ankles get weak if not regularly worked, and weak ankles can lead to dangerous falls older in life.  The good thing is working out your ankles is a fairly easy thing to do.  I like to try to do it while I’m brushing my teeth or standing in the closet trying to decide what to wear for work.  (Cause we all know that usually takes a good few minutes of our morning, doesn’t it ladies?? 🙂 )  Basically all you have to do is rotate your ankle in a circle.  Start clockwise and rotate about 5-6 times and then move on to counterclockwise.  Once you’ve done a few rotations in both directions, move on to the next foot.  Thats about all it takes.  You basically want to make sure that you’re working those muscles in your ankle that don’t normally get much attention.

Now lets talk about those calf muscles!  We all know that calf muscles always look a million times better in a pair of heels – but we’re usually DYING by the end of a long workday wearing them.  So I say we work those muscles and stick with flip flops a few days a week (and still have killer calf muscles!)  This is a great exercise to do while folding laundry or making dinner – quick and easy.  Start by raising up on the balls of your feet, heels a few inches off the floor.  Then lower your heels back to the floor, not quite touching, hold and raise back up.  If you can work in 2-3 sets of 10 of these a day, you’ll have some great looking calf muscles in no time!  🙂

Here’s an easy demonstration video!

Tomorrow – we’re moving on up!  More tips to come!  🙂

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… welllll ….

Today I didn’t quite make it to my 5 minute makeup.  Sorry loyal readers!

I’ve been fighting off various illnesses for going on 2 solid months, and today another popped up.  Not to go into any gross detail, but I currently am going through yet another side effect from the 3 different antibiotics I was on during February.  So, since we’re on makeup this week, and I didn’t do it today, I thought I’d share some of my fave makeup tricks I learned during my Estee Lauder days!

Fun trick #1:  Grab an eyeliner brush!  If you have a great crazy eyeshadow color, but not sure how to wear it – dip your eyeliner brush in a tiny bit of water, dab off the excess and rub into your eyeshadow.  Then draw a line across your eyelashes, just as you would eyeliner.  Waaalaa!  Eyeshadow is now eyeliner!  (Also works great if you’re out of your regular eyeliner and have a similar color shadow.  With it being wet, it comes out a bit darker than regular shadow!)  AND – if you ever wanna do that saucy winged eyeliner look, the eyeliner brush is your best bet!

Fun trick #2:  In serious need of 3 more hours of sleep? Grab some light yellow/white/cream eyeshadow!  Rub some (preferably with an eyeshadow brush or q-tip – not a sponge tipped applicator) in the corner of your eyes near your nose and under your bottom lashes.  Be sure to blend well!  Satin finished eyeshadows work best since they catch light and really make the whites of your eyes more apparent.

Fun trick #3:  Invest in a great foundation brush.  Yep, you read that correctly.  A foundation brush.  Rubbing on foundation with your fingers leaves it streaky and transfers more oil onto your skin.  Using a sponge actually soaks up your foundation so that you’re actually wasting more foundation than you use.  And by the time it stops soaking up the foundation, it’s so full of germs, you’re actually rubbing those on your face.  A foundation brush is a great tool that gives you an even finish – AND can be washed with regular hand soap every few days to prevent germ build up!  The video below gives some helpful hints on how to use it if you’ve never tried!

Hope you all enjoy the hints!  Let me know if any of them work for you!  🙂


It’s a blue day..

Outside and on my eyes!  🙂

Today I did my 5 minute makeup with blue eyeshadow!  I know, most people wouldn’t wear such a thing – but, I think that’s the point.  No, it’s not for everyone, but I do think its something everyone should try now and then.  It brings back your inner 80’s teenager.  🙂

I set my timer, started off with my now trusty DW Powder foundation and added some soft blue eyeshadow and a deep blue eyeliner, topping it off with violet mascara.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the bronzer or lips today, so I went without.  (I did however, add some chapstick when I got in the car – can’t leave bare lips all day!).  Even just doing my eyes made a huge difference.  I think that’s what most women need to realize – if you can spare the 5 minutes in the morning to do either your eyes or lips, not only does it make you feel better and more confident, but it actually makes you feel a little more “adult” too.  🙂

So ladies – here’s your goal for the week.  Pull out your trusty timer, pick your favorite part (eyes or lips), and do it up.  And believe me – you’ll feel more adult in an instant (and your inner little girl will be super excited too!)

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Day One – Purple!

I started my morning a little late..  what can I say?  I like my sleep.  I knew today would be a long day and I figured I could use the extra 15 minutes.  🙂  So, I slept in a few.. took a nice long shower and managed to make it to work on time – without makeup.  However, I can’t let my newly acquired (soon to be huge) fan base down, now can I?

So, I headed into work, with my trusty mini makeup bag in tow.  I figured I needed to take some before and after pictures just to prove it could get done.  (See attached!)

My “before” shot                        My “after” shot

Today I decided would be purple.  For my 5 minute makeup look, I used Estee Lauder DoubleWear Powder, Clinique’s QuickEyes cream shadow, some brow pencil, eyeliner and lip gloss.  I mention the two items specifically because both are supposed to last all day – and as I mentioned earlier, with my oily skin, that rarely happens.  And – it just so happens, they did.  Picture me surprised!  I knew the DoubleWear powder was good stuff, but I will now swear by it for life.  It covered all the stuff I wanted covered, and left me looking more flawless (a definite plus).  I’d still use regular foundation from time to time – but for a 5 minute makeup, this stuff rocks.

Anyway, I’m now nearing the end of my long day and getting excited about tomorrow.  Who knows what color I might try next!

Stay tuned!  🙂


Where do I begin?

I suppose at the very beginning…    a very good place to start.  🙂

I’ve always been a busy person.  I generally take on more than I should, but somehow manage to get it done.  However, this means I sometimes forget about.. well, me.  And now that I’m married, I have more than just me to worry about.  So, I’ve decided that I will start documenting my efforts to become a better person, a better wife and soon a better mother.  One day at a time.  🙂

Today’s adventure is makeup.  As a former makeup artist for Estee Lauder, I sort of have a love for all things makeup – the crazier the better.  I think doing your makeup, getting your makeup done, and shopping for makeup are some of the most fun things girls can do.  Yes, girls.  Because although women generally wear more makeup than girls do, girls always had FUN with makeup.  Somewhere along the way I think women lose their love of doing their makeup.  Possibly because they realize that they’ve grown up and there are a million things more important than doing something fun or interesting with makeup…. or even wearing it at all.

Therefore, this weeks mission will be to try to experiment something new and different with my makeup every day and get it to:

1. STAY IN PLACE  (for my oily skin, a sometimes difficult task)

2. Be original.  Not the same ole, every day.. but something new and fresh.

3. Get it all done in 5 minutes.

Now, I know – you’re thinking, “5 minutes?!” – but yes, 5 minutes.  If there is anything I learned while my time at Estee Lauder is that full makeup CAN be done in 5 minutes.  Maybe not ALL the steps that a woman generally does, but, some of those aren’t always necessary anyway.

So, here’s to our first adventure together.  I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes..  🙂